All I want..

Is you. You for the rest of my life. Every morning.. Every night, till my last breath.


Without realizing it I had fallen in love with the most amazing person I had ever met. But of course, something is always too good to be true.. So things get complicated, which makes me realize even more that.. Yes.. I do love him.. And he knows it. There is not another person on this planet that I want to spend the rest of my days with. And so I will wait.. And I will be patient, for everything that begins well, ends well. When you meet the person of your dreams, patience.. A virtue I always claimed to not know a single thing about.. Suddenly becomes second nature. Trust issues? Suddenly.. The box of secrets becomes empty, and I am more fragile and see through than glass. When it’s love.. It turns you into a person you never knew existed.. But not in the sense where this person molds you into something you’re not.. But instead.. Brings out that person that you always wanted to be. For that, I am eternally grateful.